Friday, May 24, 2013


So its back to the land of employment. 2 weeks ago I've decided to quit my depressing job & do something I enjoy, after all life is too short. SO i took huge risk and decided to work on my own, well so far its not going that well but I am not going to give up!! Finally out of my ugly orange and black uniform and now I can wear my clothes I missed so much... hehe but I've been living in my trackies and tights!.. So had few days to being lazy now its back to work and i need to stop myself getting distracted by the kittens but they so darn cute!!,... well my days been filled by locking myself to my sewing room, baking things and going opshops to find gems!!... here are pictures of my wonderful boring life..

 Finally decided to get out of my "house clothes" and get out of the house... but was still to lazy to put make up on! hehe... Everything I am wearing here from my finds at the op shops!! i love op shop I always find things to buy!!
No make up silly face

My boyfriend running away from my silly no make up face :P

Me and boyfriend decided to foster kittens.. and now this is our second lot.. its really hard to let them go but then we always get new ones so its ok and its nice to know we looking after these cute homeless kitties!! So we decided to give the cute kittens bath.. because they been rolling around in their litter box and they smelled bad!!
help me
All nice and clean

got bored and made some Turkish pastries... num num num... and made soup from the leftover chicken & veges.. I'll write the recipes very soon!!

Will look forward to comments about some inspiration to lift up my spirits about new beginnings!!... How hard was it for you to let go and enjoy your life??

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