Monday, February 14, 2011

I will be your Ferdinand and you my wayward girl.... Elope with me, Miss Private, and we'll drink ourselves awake, We'll taste the coffee houses and award certificates....

been busy with interviews and trying to keep myself busy so i dont stress out and have a mental breakdown!

been taking lots of silly pics and spending time outside in the grass enjoying the sunshine....

me and miss cleo hanging out!

 Sid Vicious obsession!!?? hahaha ... the Sid doll is a prezzie few years ago from my best friend Jamie and the tshirt is a prezzie from my awesum boyfriend!!

 Went to the "mermaids" with Jamie on Thursday... ahem in a short word.. strippers!! yeaah hahaha couldnt take pics of the place what a pity :P it was a fun night!! accept when the lady next to me asked if i worked there.. i didnt to be offended or take it as a compliment!!??? hmmmm

 My outfit on Friday.. went to the local bar and had few cold beers! YUM

 got magazines and a cup of coffee and my doodling pad!! I was feeling inspired

all that inspiration and the heat was too much sooo Jamie got the paddling pool out and made me yummy drink (chi and fejioa vodka and cucumber) great way to spend my Sunday!!

and the rest is lots of pics!! Some of them old but i made them a lil better with an application on my phone ahaha

I have to sort out my wardrobe and put some clothes on sale!! so please check this space soon!!
Hope life treating everyone well
Adios Amigos xxx


got my headphones on so i dont have to hear people talking.. volume on full.. my head resting against the window.. just feeling this sickness in my belly and the heat is not helping me.. i feel like i am about to pass out.. the woman's perfume on front me makes me sick and nauseous... i can feel my whole body tense up and this sensation of cold and the sudden heat... i try to get myself together....i look down at my hands and i can barely hold my water bottle... my hands are shaking i manage to put the bottle in my bag and start to walk... i dont remember how i get home.. but suddenly i am at the door trying to put the key.. my hand are sweaty and shaky.. finally inside my room i just throw my bag... and sit on my bed.. i can feel my headache getting stronger.. the lights through the windows hurts my eyes so i shut my curtains and ask my self questions i cant answer.... this feeling inside me is eating me.. its like a disease spreading through my body colouring me black and blue.. bleeding me dry...

Monday, February 7, 2011


been awhile since I've wrote anything... haha not that i get many followers :P

been listening a lot of "the national'... and "Conversation 16" is my fave song by them @ the moment... a lot of people I know found his lyrics depressing heh i found it amusing.. it makes me think...  i see him as the modern Johny Cash!

so nothing much new in my life.. still struggling like a little worm! trying to find a job and get on top the debts!! and try not to worry too much but its a painful process of my life at the moment not having a job!!.. we'll i got a new man who puts a smile on my face and makes me forget about the problems i worry about so much.. so i guess that's one positive thing in my life eh :) and ofcourse my awesum flatmate and best friend Jamie who puts up wit my silly-ness :P

so here are pics of my "amusing" life :P

mmmm beer!! beer!! down into my belly!! my fave beers!! Macs Hop Rocker & Macs Black Mac ♥... got to stop drinking beer after recognizing my "belly guts".. not sexy :P

Mel baked cupcakes... mmm was delicious.. needed a wake me up call @ the office!! yeaaah sugar high on cupcakes & lift plus... and than crash & burn :P

I am still getting lost walking around this big city ah!! at least the weather was nice :) ... view of beautiful Auckland

went to a cafe in town.. cant remember the name!! and they had these weird sculptures!!....

 delicious food & drinks!! num num!! my belly is full of goodness and i am happy ^_^

Watermelon and wine... great on a sunny day!! 

this use to be my fave ice-cream!! it reminds me of when we first moved to New Zealand me and my brother always use to buy Bubblegum Bill!!.. but look at it now!! What the F*** happened to your face bubblegum Bill!! I am not satisfied I want my money back!! :P

Got this dress the other day only for $9!!! i love finding bargains!! especially when i dont have much $$$ to splash :P  and this bag i forgotten about!! its vintage and i love the colour and material!! its pain to carry but worth the hassle :P and these sunglasses I found in one of my bags... YAY

Home made pizzas for dinner... mmm mmm pepperoni,  prosciutto, feta cheese, spinach, mozzarella & Parmesan!! Yummmy!!

Soooo my fringe been driving me crazy so i decided to chop it off like i use to when i was 6 year old girl!! :P 

It was hot day and i had to put on this beautiful dress thats been sitting in my wardrobe for too long!! I love the back!!

went to Real Groovy just to have a "look"... but I can never walk out of that place empty hand!! ah!! so bought 2 records!! YAY!!...well more like Jamie bought them for me!! Thanx Jamie!! you rock!!  when I saw the Beirut record I was like a child on Christmas morning because it has my fave song "elephant gun"....

thats all so far from my awesum life :P .... will try to update more often... watch this space!! i wil be putting some beautiful clothes for sale soon!!...

For now I am gona enjoy copious amounts of coffee and vacuum the house and listen to records and look for jobs! wish me luck guys!!