Monday, October 1, 2012


I've finally got a job!.. at hardware/DIY store!!!... its not my dream job, but it pays the bills and the I  like the people I work with... not the uniform!! ah the uniform is just.. argh!!... but hey now i can spend money buying more clothes and thats what exactly i've been doing!!... I love op shopping and finding bargains!!... Been to My local op shop every free day I get!!... and always find beutiful stuff!!....These are the goodies I accumulated in the last month or so!!!.... EEEK I HAVE AN OBSESSION!!...

Apricot cord shorts!! only for $5!!! ah cant wait for summer!!

ASOS skirt!! i had to have it!! such a cute pattern!!
cute belt from the local op shop!!

cant wait for the summer to wear this dress!!

I love the detail on this beautiful beige dress!!

Cute Country Road dress from Save Mart!!

Another cute dress from Save Mart!!

Cute floral dress from K Mart!
Grandpa cardi from the local op shop! 

Cute top... from Trade Me!!.. I just love the colours and the detail!!
Multi spotted pussy bow shirt!!.. from the local op shop again!!
Beautiful dress from ASOS ahhh i just love this dress... how cute are the buttons!!
Mel picked this dress for me.. its wee bit tight on the bust area but i had to buy it!! love the sleeves!!
Another beautiful dress from Save Mart!! ah polkadots!!
Polkadots!!! Hell yeahhhh!!
Cute shell patterned camisole from the local op shop
awesum loosefit top from K Mart!!

Another cute top from K Mart!!
oversized cardi from the local op shop!! It so warm and cosy!!
Maroon scalloped top from Trade Me!!

Vintage dress from Save Mart!!.. I love the colours & the sleeves!!
Cute vintage dress from Trade Me..
Crushed velvet top with roses on neck!
Another cute top from the local again!
Cute floral vintage bag from the local op shop
Marc Jacobs dress I found today at my fave op shop!!
The photo dont do justice but this dress is is just perfect!!... Maxi, pussy bow and chiffon!!
Mustard and polkadots <3
Vintage patch leather bag from one of my fave op shops
Quilted bag I got from the local op shop today!!
Another vintage bag from one of my favourite op shop!
Thats lots of stuff right!!... But they were all bargains and I just couldnt say no!! hehehhehe... Whats your obsession??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So I finished my course and now looking for job!!... Sooooooooo not fun!!... but i've had heaps of free time to update my shop page and being busy sewing!! YAY... moved into the boyfriend's house and now i have a sewing room!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!.


A bow make up bag/pencil case thingy.. i like the lining 

I've also been sewing a lot of cute tote bags... these are for sale.. Since i am obsessed with cats... lots of kitty kat hand stitched bags!! here are some of them.....

and I made this cute collar with a doilies and a cute velvet bow...

Cute sailor style cardi and babydoll style mini dress..
babydoll dress - cute bow at back 
Cute floral cardi and over sized shirt
cute vintage floral bag
vintage scalloped bag
Interested in any of these items.... well check them on...

Adios Amigos xxxooo

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Here some awesum items I am selling!!... Finally got  a time to update the store and sell some bargains!!