Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY - turn boring shirt into cute one

I love cutting things and changing things... I had this mens shirt for ages soo I decided to change it and make it more wearable.... Let me know what you guys think!!!

 So the 1st picture is what the shirt looked like and the second one is what it looks like now!!

Here is the old boring shirt

Unpick the pocket

Trace the pocket on a paper. Dont forget to add the seam allowances... I made them 1cm.. and I wanted to add that pointy detail up top as well... I have mucked up the pocket few times!!! Because I am not patient enough hahaha.. So take your time and be patient!! Double check

 So this the pocket pattern with seam allowances...

This is the top pointy detail... I added 1cm seam allowances all around except the pointy part I added 2cm... I wanted it to look neat... I wanted to double fold that part..

 Put your pattern on the fabric... I am using an old dress.. I always have bag of scraps and bags and bags of clothes I need to cut up and change!!
So here is the pocket and the top detail.. I love this fabric...

Its always a good idea to fold and press the seam allowances.. Makes it much neater and easier to sew.

The wrong sides of the fabric facing up join the top pointy detail to pocket.. Only join it from the top part not sides... I dont know if I am making sense..
My camera battery died sooo I couldnt take pics after this step :(

Flip the pointy detail to top side/right side of the pocket and press. Sew the pointy end part to the pocket take your time with this part.. I had to unpick few times because i wanted to finish it and was sewing fast and not paying attention and it looked all wobbly and eeeek!!!....
After that step put the pocket on shirt and sew the pocket on ... It will be easy to know where to sew the pocket since will still have the marks from the old pocket!!....
I ripped the sleeves off the shirt and  I used the hem from the skirt as binding on sleeves... I am very happy with the outcome eeeeeek!!!