Wednesday, December 29, 2010


My outfit for today... french connection blouse, skirt from an opshop, jamie's hat and my fave chucks!!

 got my fave mag peppermint, and this very cool mag called the "wooden toy".. and a red flower clip..

 awesum images from the mag "wooden toy"

a page from "peppermint"... i want this boy to be my boyfriend!! so we can go op-shopping together or he can just be my shopping partner!

 coffee and cinnamon pie.... and my fave breakfast food eggs benedict with salmon and spinach... and for dinner wendys spicy chicken burger num num num

and colourful me.. was a good day today!! and discovered this awesum band today called "real estate"..  great music on a sunny day been lazy!!

Adios amigos xx♥


The day after Christmas... good and playing circle of death


 the new face of maybelline!!.. Brandon drinking his beer while fluttering his eyelashes and wearing my dressover his England football tee!!?? Now thats style!

 Jamie getting his make up done by Mel!!

 Brandon getting his makeup done by a professional Mel for his photo shoot :P

 me... rollie pollie

Me in Brandon's sexy sweatpants!! yeeeeaaah!!

yeah we are the new zumba motherf*****s!!

 many poses of brandon!! he sure knows how to work the cameras!!

 bitch i got the dancefloor!!

at the end tried to count the bottles of wine but lost count... i think it was 12 or 13 bottles!!! wow

Saturday, December 25, 2010


had a wonderful christmas @ Cathy and Marks eating delicious food and drinkin wine.... and playing cluedo :)

This is what i wore today... a dress I bought centuries ago from an op-shop... I think its handmade.. i love the pattern.. cute wee dogs :) i did not like the length of the dress, its annoying length so i pinned it @ sides!! I meant to cut this dress and make it shorter but I just cant bring myself to cut it!!

delicious desserts made by Mark's dad Graham... Orange creme brulee.. short bread.. and a fruity french dessert (I cant remember the name) mmmm was soooooo delicious!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

s*** i own these things!!??

my things are still in bags and boxes since the "big" move and i was looking through the bags out of boredom and found some of the items i forgot that i had!! these items use to be my fave once upon a time and now they gona be my fave again!!

a black camisole and beautiful vintage inspired necklace...

  box of goodies... bows and necklaces.. sunglasses.. an old crappy phone..

 awesum old bag....

 this tshirt use to be my fave its gettin old now... i love the print.. will make a sweet tattoo..

 a red cardi!!!!

ME... ONLY ME...

had a bit of fun with my phone today takin pictures.... mostly of myself...


no we not made of same soft silk wit perfection untouched and wit no faults and i am raw edged wit burns & stains.. I will not fit in with your pretty colours and patterns... i will be the cloth gnawed by the rats and moths.. i will be the cloth you wipe the blood off and throw in the corner.. the cloth that you will burn in your fire....


so its Christmas  eve and i am home by myself... Christmas never been a big deal for me since i grew up in a muslim family... but it still feels weird.. when friends go away and visit their family.... kinda makes me feel lonely...
here i am stuck in both cultures... the old turkish culture and the new zealand culture... the thing is i would not say i fit in the description of  "the good traditional turkish girl"... which in the culture i grew up in...  i meant to save myself for marriage and marry a good Turkish man and live happily ever after cooking dinner and spitting babies out and obeying everything my husband says... well lets say i just laugh at that description and cringe at the same time... I am not your traditional Turkish girl, I am probably quiet the opposite, i am independent, and had fair amount of boyfriends... and i drink and i go out.. and not thinking of marrying or having babies yet which is a huge shock for the Turkish community I know because I am a 28 old girl who is not living home with her parents and not married.... I just shrug and smile and ignore these people and their rules.. Its fun to bend the rules a little and live your life...

anywayz Merry Christmas everyone xoxo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Dan Auerbach: "Heartbroken, In Disrepair"...... I cant get enough of this song... I just love his voice and his style and the way he plays aaaaaaaaaaah ♥♥♥


view from the work balcony... ate my pie and enjoyed the sun in my lunch break!

My outfit for my first day @ my temp. job as "filing girl"... yes i am an office bitch now haha I love the sleeves on this shirt! I didnt use to like shirts but i love this one!

I was gonna sell this vintage dress but after putting it on I decided not to!! and i stole Jamie's hat!

 Jamie & Cleo having a wee cuddle!!

Scribbles and wine in the sun... and these glasses I gave jamie ages ago hmmmm I like them, perhaps I steal them back!!??