Saturday, November 19, 2011


Hey guys.. check my blog for the shop... lots of awesum dresses for sale!!

Love xxx


few things... or should say lots of things i collected... added to my wardrobe in last few months... I do have shopping addiction... but I am a bargain hunter haha so thats my excuse for spending my money on clothes :P everything i pretty much own are second hand!!... my fave shop at the moment is "Savemart".. its like a huge second hand store...
Some of the things will be added to my shop... once i pimp out my shop site!! been too busy and lazy!! haha time to get off my ass do something!!.... will be putting some items (probably not these ones yet) for sale later on today or tomorrow so check it out!!!

i like the sheer sleeve detail

i love the beading detail on this shirt..

found this at my local opshop i had to buy it!!