Monday, February 7, 2011


been awhile since I've wrote anything... haha not that i get many followers :P

been listening a lot of "the national'... and "Conversation 16" is my fave song by them @ the moment... a lot of people I know found his lyrics depressing heh i found it amusing.. it makes me think...  i see him as the modern Johny Cash!

so nothing much new in my life.. still struggling like a little worm! trying to find a job and get on top the debts!! and try not to worry too much but its a painful process of my life at the moment not having a job!!.. we'll i got a new man who puts a smile on my face and makes me forget about the problems i worry about so much.. so i guess that's one positive thing in my life eh :) and ofcourse my awesum flatmate and best friend Jamie who puts up wit my silly-ness :P

so here are pics of my "amusing" life :P

mmmm beer!! beer!! down into my belly!! my fave beers!! Macs Hop Rocker & Macs Black Mac ♥... got to stop drinking beer after recognizing my "belly guts".. not sexy :P

Mel baked cupcakes... mmm was delicious.. needed a wake me up call @ the office!! yeaaah sugar high on cupcakes & lift plus... and than crash & burn :P

I am still getting lost walking around this big city ah!! at least the weather was nice :) ... view of beautiful Auckland

went to a cafe in town.. cant remember the name!! and they had these weird sculptures!!....

 delicious food & drinks!! num num!! my belly is full of goodness and i am happy ^_^

Watermelon and wine... great on a sunny day!! 

this use to be my fave ice-cream!! it reminds me of when we first moved to New Zealand me and my brother always use to buy Bubblegum Bill!!.. but look at it now!! What the F*** happened to your face bubblegum Bill!! I am not satisfied I want my money back!! :P

Got this dress the other day only for $9!!! i love finding bargains!! especially when i dont have much $$$ to splash :P  and this bag i forgotten about!! its vintage and i love the colour and material!! its pain to carry but worth the hassle :P and these sunglasses I found in one of my bags... YAY

Home made pizzas for dinner... mmm mmm pepperoni,  prosciutto, feta cheese, spinach, mozzarella & Parmesan!! Yummmy!!

Soooo my fringe been driving me crazy so i decided to chop it off like i use to when i was 6 year old girl!! :P 

It was hot day and i had to put on this beautiful dress thats been sitting in my wardrobe for too long!! I love the back!!

went to Real Groovy just to have a "look"... but I can never walk out of that place empty hand!! ah!! so bought 2 records!! YAY!!...well more like Jamie bought them for me!! Thanx Jamie!! you rock!!  when I saw the Beirut record I was like a child on Christmas morning because it has my fave song "elephant gun"....

thats all so far from my awesum life :P .... will try to update more often... watch this space!! i wil be putting some beautiful clothes for sale soon!!...

For now I am gona enjoy copious amounts of coffee and vacuum the house and listen to records and look for jobs! wish me luck guys!!

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