Thursday, January 13, 2011


lazy days, listening music, walks to nowhere... eating copious amount of s*** food and drinking copious amounts of beer and wine!! and taking silly pictures of myself

this use to be a brooch but i accidentally broke it :( so now i turned it into a necklace :)

was a hot day... the shorts i am wearing use to be an hideous velvet pants that i bought from an op shop so i cut them up and turned them into shorts :P

this is my cuddle buddy Frank the awesum duckie!! he loves cuddles!!

 mmmm yum dinner from otto woo - prawn tempura noodles and to wash it off crushed apple cider!! perfect food for summer...

 I cooked dinner yay :)..... baked potato with salad and red wine :)

anddd pictures of myself....

 i love lammmppp!! :P

adios amigos ♥ xxo

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