Friday, December 3, 2010


woke up @ 4am today.. had a strange dream and couldnt go back to sleep for awhile... i dont like dreams that feel so real... Anywayz here is wat I got up to today..

Listened to Smiths & Morrissey and drank coffee... The songs Heaven knows I'm miserable now & Girlfriend in coma been stuck in my head for days.. I had to listen....

More unpacking and re-packing... Found pics of me when I was little girl.....

This pic is so old.... when I show it to friends they say it looks creepy haha

Me and My mama... Look @ my cute outfit & my gigantic eyes hehe

 Me and my childhood friend Ayla... I look uncomfortable the way I am holding my hand & look @ my knees & my chubby cheeks... i love the way my shoe laces are so long in a bow hmmm

Rough sketch of the tattoo I will be getting... Poppies & a poem by Charles Bukowski in memory of a friend I have lost...... 

My Outfit for the day... My fave "Something" shirt dress...

Sat on the couch and watched Mad Man while eating my yummy dinner... Chicken Nibbles and salad with bacon & to wash it off CCs & coke... I gotta have atleast glass of wine a day.. But I think my poison is whiskey mmmmm 

 Something to do with the dream I had......

Thats all for today... Time to crash on the couch & watch mad man & perhaps have glass of whiskey to make it easier to go to sleep hmmmm....

Adios Amigos xx♥


  1. I love this :)

    You were so cute as a baby! I love baby pics


  2. what an adorable little girl!!!!!!
    miss you, han.

  3. hehe thanx guys.... miss Jonsi I am back in Auckland when u free u should come and visit me and have wine!! xx