Thursday, December 2, 2010


so i left Dunedin and moved back to Auckland and i've been out of job for a lil while now... In last few weeks been feeling down I guess having no job and money and friends does put you down ha but finally I am feeling a little cheerful.. I guess mopin around and feeling sorry for myself and crying is not gona help anything ha....
crashing  at Jamie's been awesum... going through his collection of records lifted up my spirits & ofcourse his hospitality been great!! you are a kick ass friend Jamie, thank you for putting up with emo me ^_^

So here is wat I've been up to and ate and wore & listened to & watched while chasing jobs!!... blah blah blah

                 Beautiful Poppy from my mum's garden...

 Visit to the Western Springs Park... This Place is my fave coz they got black swans...I've got an obsession with black swans... they are so pretty...

The mall made me dizzy with people rushing around and i was oh so hungry & wanted sumthing sweet & coffee to wake me up... cupcake & chocolate num num...

 mmmm cherries.. my mum bought them for me to eat ^_^

 Unpacking my clothes was fun..I forgot bout this crazy shirt thing I got... love the detailing

I love my black highwaist Wrangler jeans & this belt I bought ages ago from an op shop In Glen Eden..

Jamie's cute kitty kat "Cleo"... she is so adorable & keeps me company during the day but sumtimes seen her makes me sad coz she reminds me of my kitty kats back dunedin.. Oh how i miss them :(

 ah i ♥ my mum's cooking!!... Silverbeet & feta filled pastries uh yum

 My mum had a gathering at her house.. which means delicious Turkish food, my fave is the vine leaves filled with rice mmmmm mmmm

 I never go hungry when I visit my parents & there is always good Turkish coffee ^_^

Went op shopping with mum & she bought me this awesum cardigan, it has detailing on neck but its hard to see in picture, my phone camera is shit!! I bought this dress ages ago it was very long & had rips by hem so I chopped it off...The bow belt is from Glassons but quiet hard to see in this pic ah..

Jamie's awesum record collection!! so envious!!

 Miss Cleo ^_^

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