Friday, December 24, 2010


so its Christmas  eve and i am home by myself... Christmas never been a big deal for me since i grew up in a muslim family... but it still feels weird.. when friends go away and visit their family.... kinda makes me feel lonely...
here i am stuck in both cultures... the old turkish culture and the new zealand culture... the thing is i would not say i fit in the description of  "the good traditional turkish girl"... which in the culture i grew up in...  i meant to save myself for marriage and marry a good Turkish man and live happily ever after cooking dinner and spitting babies out and obeying everything my husband says... well lets say i just laugh at that description and cringe at the same time... I am not your traditional Turkish girl, I am probably quiet the opposite, i am independent, and had fair amount of boyfriends... and i drink and i go out.. and not thinking of marrying or having babies yet which is a huge shock for the Turkish community I know because I am a 28 old girl who is not living home with her parents and not married.... I just shrug and smile and ignore these people and their rules.. Its fun to bend the rules a little and live your life...

anywayz Merry Christmas everyone xoxo

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