Friday, March 4, 2011


wow  have been awhile since i posted anything!! I am trying to keep myself busy and happy... still job hunting!! ah had an interview on Monday and it went well and they called me today to ask for 2nd interview!! woop!! so got an interview on Monday...

anywayz i am trying to wear new outfit everyday!! I got far too many clothes and i dont end up wearing most of it!! and sometimes i dont even remember even owning them!!

Monday's outfit - check patterned "Country Road" shirt and cutoff denim shorts - I love this shirt so much!! love the fact that I can dress it up and down!

 Tuesday's outfit - silk witchery top and a tutu style skirt - I love the collars and the little flower details on this top and it feels soooo nice!

Wednesday's outfit - hmmm lots of layers for this outfit - I wore the black slip as a dress i love the bows at the back of this slip - and i wore the cream crop lace top underneath with one of my fave polkadot cardi! - i like the pleated like detail on the back of this cardi!

As for thursday i kinda failed  my different oufit everyday "rule" - i wasnt feeling 100 percent so i was in sweatpants and tee shirt!! eeek!!

and today's outfit - a camisole top & polkadot shorts!! - I was sick of havin my hair the same way everyday so i kinda put in a messy side bun with a braid!

I need help with my room - my stuff still in bags and my walls are empty - looks sooo boring and messy!! any ideas???
 my comfy bed - the wall beside my bed need something!! looks so blah!!

 hmmm -- this is the wardrobe - but its sooo small - and i just can fit my dresses there!! everything else is in bags :(

and more clothes in bags and other little things i own!! -

So i need some serious help with this room!! any ideas for storage or what can i do to make this room look a lil colourful and alive!!???

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