Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 hmmmm I've been feeling up and down lately!! due to still not having a job! This is killing me!! aaaaaaaaargh!! but trying to keep myself busy with things so i made this dress well lets say i upgraded this boring dress...

 Since i dont have a sewing machine i hand stitched!! i love using my hands!!
 So what you guys think???

been trying to tidy my room but i think i am making more mess than tidying argh!! anyways I came across some of my "op shop bargains".....sooo here are pics of things i bought in the last couple of weeks!! i love op-shopping but these days i dont go op shopping often since i got no job which means no $$$ to spend :(

white & navy leather nana shoes :)

cream daisy patterned top

this lil cute owl candle

 This pinup ummm i dont know what to call it.. i keep my jewellery and bobby pins in it now hehe

and this beautiful Oroton glomesh bag

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