Friday, April 1, 2011

Your mind is racing like a pro, now oh my god it doesn't mean a lot to time you were a glowing young ruffian... oh my god it was a million years ago...

off shoulder long "kookai" top 
skirt -thrifted
tutu(underneath the skirt its quiet hard to see!!) - thrifted 
belt - thrifted

"kookai" top
"country road" leggings
vintage scarf & necklace - thrifted

 dress - thrifted - this dress use to be super long so i chopped it!!
tutu - thrifted

vintage navy dress with white pattern - thrifted - i can not work out the pattern!! i use to think it was butterfly pattern but its looks like bows!!???
belt - thrifted

black baby doll style dress - thrifted - i like the ruffle detail on this dress
polka dot scarf - thrifted

 i hardly ever paint my nails so i gave it a go and within 5 minutes i f***** it up haha

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