Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh I used to dream of oceans and streams, flowing and growing strong.. Where have all those days gone...

been feeling blue today.. been kinda feeling like failure!! i guess kinda sux still not having a proper job and kinda feeling like a charity case.... and I am not good with words but listening to music makes me think and a lil happier.. Especially Black Keys!!... So i put the music very loud got up and dressed up and feeling a lil better now...

anyway apart from feeling blue today... i've been feeling happy in last few weeks.. its holiday time so i've been home eating lots of food and drinking copious amounts of wine and coffee... oh and got a new man in my life so been spending a lot of time with him!!.. it happened quiet fast but he makes me smile and he understand me and laughs at my stupid jokes!!.. I adore him *blush*

so here pictures from my lazy days posing :P

me and Cleo having a nap

View from the bus...

the rest few pictures are pics of my friend Mel's cute kittens.. oh they so adorable!!

my adorable boyfriend with the neighbours cat haha

mmmm jug of beer hell yeah!!

the other day i sorted buttons on my bed woohoo!!

Pictures from today... started watching Mad Men from start.. oh how i love the clothes from that show!!...So i got up put a nice dress on and did my hair!! 

forced hugs with Cleo

i have very messy room!!

Pictures from the other day when I was feeling lazy.. my hair unwashed and no make up... well i decided to put a lippy on and wear a scarf and hide my face with glasses and get outta the house!!

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  1. i hope the upcoming days look up for you!

    the kittens are adorable, btw! i've always wanted one, but my family doesn't like cats. boo.

    boat ride through the sky