Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wow I am a slacker!!

Well i have been feeling down & useless comparing myself to others and maybe getting a lil jealous of other people's success... than I thought to myself instead of wasting energy & complaining I should stop comparing myself... I know i dont get many followers or people who comment but the ones do they really mean it!.. and if i comment on your blog I really mean it!!

Anywayz long story short... I've opened a lil store on Etsy... so please go and check it out!!... it doesnt look sooo great since i dont have the best camera but I did my best!... I will be putting more item hopefully this weeknd... I will be putting some cute handmade bags by me!!... for now just few cute vintage items!!

here are the items for sale:

Cute fluffy shimmery 90's mini

Cruella De Ville faux fur jacket

Ruby red vintage sheer top with lace detail

Knit stripe tee dress

Please check my store and let me know what you think :

Also dont forget to like my facebook page.. I will be doing some competitions soon:

Thank you for looking at my blog xo
love love

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