Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've been soo busy with my course.. i pretty much have no time for anything else!!... I am enjoying it but oh its so tiring!!...  I've done nothing on my huge list of things to do!!.. so I am gona try very hard this month to do my list!!...

Life is been good!!... good friends!!.. Awesum boyfriend... and I am doing my work experience at my favouritye designer "Sera Lilly".. I absolutely adore her dresses and its been great opportunity do my work experience there ;D

I had this new change to blogger.. it makes everything F'in messy!! ahhh!!

Here some snippets of my hectic awesum life ;P

Roman poking his tongue

This is My friend Mel's cat Roman.. he is a cutie

Me posing in my messy room..
need a haircut!!

Cleo smelling jandals

Cleo loves sleeping on my bed and cardis!!

Cleo with her toys!!

Me and my mumma ♥

Wookie loves pats!!.. not too many!!.. just enough to make him happy :)

I love this dress.. cant see the stripes in these pics ahhh.. i bought it few months ago from Save Mart for only $15!!.. and the shoes for $12... the bag is from the local op shop for $10.. and the hat is my friend Jamie's hehe..

Me being silly.. taking a break from tidying hehe

I bought a sewing machine few months ago and had to make a space for it in my box shaped room!!.. look at all that s*** on my bed!!

Me being cheesy... i pretty much wore these short through out summer.. bought it from an op shop by my boyfriend's house for $5!!.. and the top is from glassons.. i just add a bow to it.. and the cardi is pressie from my mum.. pitty cant see the back of cardi.. its lace and cute!!

This dress is from Glassons... i wore tutu style skirt underneath it to make it puffy!!.. and the belt is from an old dress... i love it how Cleo is casually in the second pic.. just relaxing on the bathroom floor hahah.. she is such a cutie!!

I love the colour and pattern of this skirt... i had this skirt for ages... I bought it ages ago from an op shop and was in my pile of "fix and cut".. i was gona get rid of it... it was long and hideous.. So i chopped it off... and the top i got it from my local op shop for $12!!.. I love the buttons and the floral pattern..

I got this lace "pricipals" dress from Save mart i think about $15!!.. and layered it with my fave silk "witchery top".. i just adore the collar and the feel of this top!!.. and the cardi is from an op shop in Glen Eden for $10!!

I had these chux for ages.. and i love love them.. they ripped and worn.. but i cant bare to get rid of them!!

I got this top from a friend.. well i exchanged it for a dress... and i am glad i did.. i love the layered collar and the ribbon... the scarf and shorts from an op shop i think either New lynn or Glen Eden.. Cant remember haha.. ah i love op shops!!

Bruised my pinkie ouchie!!!

I got this white lace top from an op shop in Glen Eden only for $3!!... and the skirt is from Glassons.. and the belt i made it ages ago... and the jacket.. i had it for years.. i love this jacket.. it has a hood and its reversable!!

Me posing and being emo in my room :P

This was on the table at a cafe..

we had a collar challenge at school few weeks ago.. this is the idea me and Easter came up with... Since we both love cats here is a cat collar...well its mostly Esther's sewing put into it.. She is great!!... the back is cat head.. and the front is its paws!! So cute.. I wana make one and wear it!!

Thank you for stopping by my page and looking at my boring pics.. and thank you to my followers!!

Adios Amigos!!.. Love you guys xoxoxo

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