Friday, June 17, 2011


been op-shopping and visiting the second hand shops and found heaps of goodies... i might put some of them into my shop sooooo keep an eye ;) .... but i think some of them going to end up in my wardrobe.. damn it i was not meant to buy anymore clothes.. well if they are bargain its not so bad right!!??.. i am an op shop junkie cant help it :P
as soon as i saw this dress i had to buy it but its wee bit short DAMN so might end up putting this in the shop!
MELISSA brogues!! and they smell delicious!! and soo comfy!!
woolen polka dots cardi!! ♥

knitted cardi/dress.. i love the ruffled detail.. 

grandpa style braces ♥
green woolen jumper!! love the colour..

CUE black pinafore dress/skirt... this fits perfect.. i use have same one ages ago but it got stolen!
Vintage maroon lace dress - the colour looks pinkish there!! thanx to my shitty phone camera!
Vintage style dress - i love the colours/pattern and the collar of this dress!!

black with white polka dots loosefit top
vintage style blue long skirt - i wana make this shorter.. i just love the colour!
pink with white hearts patterns cardi and it has pearl like buttons!! ♥

black with white polkadots sheer shirt - YES I am obsessed with polka dots hehehe


  1. Oh mmmmmyyyyyy gosh i completly LOVE those brogues!!!!!!!!!

  2. very very nice blog ! :)

  3. Thanks so much for visiting me and following. Ill be following you as well. Dont be too jealous of the heat here, its actually pretty unbearable. Im being such a baby about it. haha.